Correct Grasses for the Golf Course


Correct Grasses for the Golf Course

The main types of warm season grass that are suitable for here in Viet Nam are Bermuda, Paspalum & Zoysia.

Selecting the correct grass is the most important thing, as there is no perfect grass for all situations. Also being supplied with pure grass is very important, as many golf courses have become contaminated / overcome with other grasses in time. As well, some courses might have an undesirable grass on them before the earthworks take place & this undesirable grass might be moved around the course whilst the bulk earthworks are taking place.

18 Dec 2007, Red Mountain & Loch Palm

20 Nov 2007, Novotek @ Phoenix Dragon

Each situation must be assessed in terms of climate, soil, water quality & requirement, budget, maintenance, etc.

Now more courses are starting to use ornamental / landscape grasses to add character / feature to the golf course.

Careful thought needs to done beforehand with all types of ornamental grasses; so as not to slow up play, reduce loss of golf balls, not harbour any dangerous reptiles & be a high cost to maintain.

Having a professional KENG GOLF turf consultant inspect your site beforehand, will save you a lot of time & money in the future by recommending the correct grasses for your site specific location.


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