Hiệu quả: Efficient and Sustainable Golf Course Construction

Hiệu quả: Efficient and Sustainable Golf Course Construction

 MR. RICH ARNETT- Director
  • From USA
  • Has more than 30 years’ experience in building golf courses for the best architects
  • Independent Construction Manager & Shaper Asia-Africa- Europe

4 Questions:

  • How much land ?
  • How long will it take ?
  • How much will it cost ?
  • How will Keng do it more efficiently ?

Land Needed to Build 18 Golf Holes & Driving Range - 50 to 85 Hectares of Land

While every project site and development program is unique, the principles and strategies of the planning process remain constant

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BUILD A GOLF COURSE? - from 12 months to 20 months

Depends on

  • Type of Golf Course
  • Land / soil
  • Weather conditions
  • Equipment available

How much does it cost to Build 18 holes

A typical 18-hole golf course requires approximately $ 5.5 - $ 10 Million (USD)


  • Project Conceptualization & Preliminary Planning
  • Golf Course Master planning
  • Approvals as required
  • Detailed design work & Specifications
  • Golf Course Construction
  • Grow-in and Plantation
  • Golf Course Opening

Efficient and Sustainable Golf Course Construction

  • Work with existing land forms and site grades
  • Retain existing natural features
  • Construct with long term maintenance in mind

Work with existing Land forms and Site Grades

  • Retain natural ground shapes, valleys, hollows, drainage patterns
  • Reduce earthworks quantities
  • Minimize engineered solutions
  • Reduce erosion

Retain existing Natural features

  • Unusual features can create iconic branding opportunities
  • Assist with drainage and erosion issues
  • Retained trees give
    • The course a mature feel
    • Avoid inappropriate planting choices
    • Give a positive environmental message

Reduce long-termmaintenance expense

  • Use industry recognized specifications and materials
  • Ensure course is designed for ease of maintenance
    • Bunker access for machines
    • Machine cutting of greens
    • Avoid golfer wear areas
  • Don't comprise on quality
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