Welcome to Keng golf group

The main aim of Keng golf group  is to produce more efficient golf courses in VietNam through the use of more cost-effective methods.

Golf course design, golf course construction, golf course development in VietNam is still far too expensive and so playing fees must be high to allow a return on investment for the owner.

Obviously, most golf courses are only built to sell real estate and that is fine.

However, if golf is to become an industry in VietNam, golf course design fees, golf  course construction fees, golf course development costs need to be reduced so that many more Vietnamese players are encouraged to play.

Keng golf group provides golf course design, golf course construction, golf course grassing, golf course estate master planning.

Please enjoy your tour of the Keng golf group website and email any questions to me at kevin@kenggolf.com, cell +84909393633 or ms Huyen huyen@kenggolf.com cell +84902513314

Mr Kevin.


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